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i just



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I really hate cheese sob
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 1:02 AM
ten cheesedogs to you fine sir
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 12:57 AM
or is it sriacha? id UNNO
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 12:56 AM
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 12:56 AM


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Look, I'm just gonna ramble about each of these dolls because I don't get to very often, okay? I've been friends with each of them for at least a month now (some of them over a year) and I have the right to call all of them friends. Hush.

:heart: In no particular order...:heart:

:iconsanguinarymess:SanguinaryMess Er okay this one already has her own box. We can ramble about her there. lD

:icondoodlefoxx:DoodleFoxx Azzy Boo is a super sweet, super talented girl I met a while back. She's really just amazing. She's been through a bit and she's shy and honest and just a lot of really amazing things. I love talking to her and she usually can brighten my day. I'm so proud to have her as a friend. She doesn't see the amazing things about herself either, like this makes me really sad. But she's so amazing. Ridiculously talented, ridiculously cute, and has a ridiculously adorable voice to complete the package. She's getting to be a pretty big artist here and I'm so happy for her, visiting her page would be a worthwhile trip. <3

:iconsissysonikku:sissysonikku You literally could describe Sissy in a word. What word? Any of the following would do the job: 'Lapfox' 'Truxton' 'Len' 'sgt frog' or even just 'pixels' would work. She's really unlike anyone I've ever met, which is a good thing. She's super cool and I love her and ye. I really trust her, she's one of a few people on here I don't really mind talking to about my problems, and I'm glad she invests at least a little of that back in me. Oh yeah, one other word that would work; 'yaoi.' She's getting to be a pretty big artist too, like you just passed 500 a bit ago, didn't you?? That was amazing, I'm really happy for you. Your pixels are pretty and your humans are SO CUTE OH MY GOSH AAHAHksalgj and you have the besT NAME EVER hahfdksjag Sissy accept my love. I'd really love to meet you and Azzy someday. <3

:iconf0xeh:F0XEH One of the Australian babs I met a loooong time ago when Teigerz was teaching me how to draw. She's literally always nice, like this girl is so cool you have no idea. Also she's really good at pixels like when did that happen??? I love Jacinta too shhh. THIS GIRL JUST ACK she's fast she's cool and sooo funny like she's one of the number one people who can make me laugh without really trying, I'm so so happy she's my friend okay.

:iconjynxiies:Jynxiies Jay's partner in crime; the ungodly tall and nearly black tsundere. She's still really freakin' cool though and has a drawing style all her own. Not to mention she's like drop dead gorgeous. And has a prettyyyyy accent. I love Australians. I love this Aussie. She was another one that went through some stuff and I remember being afraid I was going to lose a friend because she'd leave dA or something. Instead, I got to feel a little better because she trusted me enough to tell me what happened. I really really appreciate that. Also, apparently she's really good at surfing like SURFING INTENSIFIES

:iconbluewolf135:Bluewolf135 Another chill pill with a sweet attitude. Brey's got a style that's somewhere between classic and all her own, and it looks really good. It factors in all it needs to. She's pretty hella herself, like she's one of the only people I can fangirl about Harvest Moon and Zelda with, thank god for other gamer girls. Yes, she has my love, this is my lovables list, duh!

:iconpeeptart:peeptart Okay thiS KID. Peeps can draw and do sketches and like literaLLY EVERYTHING THEY DO LOOKS FREAKING AMAZINGGGGG. KSAJKDSLG:J And Thierry and Axis like ahaHAH COPS. AND GAY KIDS. I cannot even. Also peeps is one of a few people I've been able to talk to about a really personal thing I haven't been able to talk to my family or closest friend about. like if that doesn't say trust idk what does. Yes love.

:iconguiis:guIIs YOU AND PEEPS THO. I used to be really intimidated by feathers but she's sWEET and suppORTIVE LIKE HELL YES. I'm really glad I got over my little shyness around her because she's super talented and I really do enjoy talking to her. You're someone else I can put trust into too; you've been talked to about that same situation and you were just so supportive and gave me advice and fangirLED with me and I just really really appreciate it because that's something that's on my mind constantly and I'm so insecure about it but you really do make me feel better and feel happier about it. Thank you so much for that <3 also you're one of the few artists I like nonhumans from js

:iconjinx1028:Jinx1028 My ship buddy ahehe. We have like..a lOT of couples that aren't together but we just have a lot in general and I dunno how that happened but it did and I'm glad! She's really cool and supportive and draws really well. She's got another style that looks great and I really like the way she shades and draws and we can fangirl over music and punk rock and goth stuff and it's really great. I love heerrrr and she's got a birthday in like two days oh mY. Jinx I know I tend to accidentally stop responding a lot but don't think I like you any less, you're like as beautiful as model and I love you. You're sweet and fantastic and yeah. You're just wonderful.

:iconduchessofroses:DuchessOfRoses Lovely lady, I'm laughing because I met her though a RP post. THAT CLEAR AND SHILOH THOUGH. I don't regret it, she's so so sweet and draws the CUTEST things EVER. LIKE SHE IS THE EPITOME OF KAWAII YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I know things are rough for her sometimes, and I wish I did a better job of being around to help her with it, but she's definitely strong enough to get through it. I love you, darling. <3

:iconvelnless:VElNLESS I cannot type your name to save my life asdf. Still. You're really cool and really nice and have a great taste in music. I know you're shy around me sometimes, and that's okay, I'm getting to know you and that takes time. I do think you're really cool and I promised you I'd be around to support you. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. Have some love. <3 I know what you're feeling is difficult, even if I can't even begin to imagine just what it feels like. But you're not the only one, and if not everyone accepts you, then f-- I mean, screw them. The people who really truly love and care about you won't care one bit. Personal experience and personal witnessing. My friend is trans too and he came out to his family; now, bear in mind that one of his brothers is already gay, but the parents were okay with it, even if a bit condescending about it at times. It's rough, that's not the normal life, people might not accept it right away, but it really will be okay. Just be you. And if that's you, then let it shine.

:iconivory-imperium:Ivory-Imperium Oh Aprelle, you little freckled doll. You don't listen to me much, you should really learn to though. Candy corn is awful. You tend to be my late night buddy, because no one in America is awake. If only you could be awake during America's days. How annoying. I'm kidding shshsh. You're pretty cool, even if it feels like we sometimes have our moments. I really don't mind, we're still friends in the end. You're adorable and nice and draw really cute stuff. I love you. All the yaoi and nsfw and freaking you have really serious Kanine problems, you might wanna see a doctor. Oh, but not Ren, that's my doctor, thank yOU. //grabbyhands ImighthavejustasmanyRenissuesbutshhhdon'ttell. Don't think badly of yourself, I know you said a few times that you think everyone hates you but you're wrong. Addie talks so sweetly and caring-ly about you all the time. Not to mention you're really adorable and should like always wear flower crowns, okay? Don't be so worried, really. <3

:iconnecrax::iconnnaui:NecraX/Nnaui I really didn't know which account to put, so why not put both, right? The more the merrier. It makes me look like I have friends okay shh. I really could say a lot about you. Addie's another person who's unlike anyone else I've ever met. She's in my little list of people who're 'going-through-more-stuff-than-anyone-else.' Things are rough, I know. And I know pretty much nothing I say could change any of it. I've been friends with you since February. You know, we were just supposed to do two art trades and never talk again. Despite the fact we agree on almost nothing, you're still one of my closest friends and I find that hilarious. I have someone I could debate all night over horses or really really unimportant things, while being able to agree on other unimportant things or actually important things. We have really strange conversations when we actually have conversations, so this seems more fitting than rude to me. lD Your comic is going to do fine, I wish you wouldn't stress it so much. You've put so much work into it, the logic of things is that it's going to get SOMEWHERE. I don't think I've ever met anyone who developed their characters as much as you have. And that's a huge inspiration to me. I love having someone to look up to for my work, but that I can not be afraid to talk to and can act like myself around. It's a weird thing, but I really do love having you around so much. Please don't forget how valuable you really are.

These are my loves, don't touch any of them.:heart:

I've got a contest open! You can get a raffle entry for advertising or donating prizes! 

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hearts aha

Karissa <3

SanguinaryMess Literally just


Art List (I owe/I'm owed)
Axis Bby by CataclysmicRemedy
:bulletblue: I OWE
:bulletblue: Prize - pastel-zombie
:bulletblue: Prize - Adolas
:bulletblue: Prize - NecraX
:bulletblue: Collab - DoodleFoxx
:bulletblue: Art Trade - DoodleFoxx
:bulletblue: Comm - GodsGuardianAngel2
:bulletblue: Comm - hippygirl212
:bulletblue: Comm - DubStaar

:bulletred: ART I'M OWED
:bulletred: AT - oTroisiemeOeilo
:bulletred: Comm - F0XEH
:bulletred: AT - DoodleFoxx
:bulletred: Comm - sissysonikku

:bulletorange: Young Volcanoes
:bulletorange: Blood animation
:bulletorange: Party Poison
:bulletorange: Notch/Cai Squish
:bulletorange: Turn It Up Like You Always Do
:bulletorange: Good Girls Go Bad


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